Program /

The workshop will be held the 9th of June, 2019

9.00    Welcome

Session chair: Liliana Ardissono
9.20    Invited lecture: Manolis Wallace,  From informatics for culture, to cultural informatics

10.30  coffee break 

11.00  Inferring Art Preferences from Gaze Exploration in a Museum
11.25  Human, all too human. Towards a dysfluent Virtual Tourist Guide
11.50  Do BCIs detect user's engagement? The results of an empirical experiment with emotional artworks
12.10  A Museum Visitors Classification Based On Behavioral and Demographic Features

12.30  lunch 

Session chair: Cristina Gena
14.30 Big Five and Cultural Experiences: Impact from Design to Evaluation
14.55 Investigating the effectiveness of narrative relations for the exploration of cultural heritage archives
15.20Supporting Designers in Creating Cognition-centered Personalized Cultural Heritage Activities
15.40 Supporting the Exploration of Cultural Heritage Information via Search Behavior Analysis

16.00  coffee break 

Session chair: Noemi Mauro
16.30 Cross-Domain Recommendation for Enhancing Cultural Heritage Experience
16.50 Using Personas to Model Museum Visitors
17.10 Wrap up